Application procedure

After reviewing our program requirements, please download and complete the following three forms:

1. NMCC Application Please note: You are welcome to apply to the Certificate program at any point in your studies. However, a maximum of 8 credits taken prior to acceptance into the Certificate program may count toward NMCC requirements (in some cases, this maximum can be petitioned up to 12 credits). The Graduate School requires that students be accepted and enrolled in the NMCC by week 5 of the term in which the student officially joins the program.

2. NMCC Preliminary Study Plan (Useful references: Sample Study Plan and Courses) Please keep in mind that this document is indeed merely a “preliminary” plan of NMCC coursework. Your projected study plan can and likely will change as you move through the program due to the vagaries of course scheduling and so on.

3. Graduate School Declaration of Graduate Certificate Form (Declaration of Graduate Certificate form is near bottom of the page and requires Adobe Acrobat)