Course Offerings 2020-2021

This list of NMCC theories, methods, and electives for the current academic year is provided for student planning purposes. Note that listings are published for each term only once courses for that term have been finalized, but may still be subject to modifications at the discretion of individual departments. In general, future term schedules are considered final at the end of the sixth week of classes during the prior term. See the UO Schedule of Classes for any updates or change that may have occurred after NMCC assembled this list.

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In AY 2020-2021, the Common Seminar, “History and Theory of New Media,” will be taught in both Winter and Spring Term. In Winter, the course will be taught in the School of Journalism and Communication. In the Spring, it will be taught in the Department of Comparative Literature by NMCC Director, Dr. Colin Koopman.

Fall 2020 Course Listings


Topics Courses

Course Number Course Title Professor
ARTD 510 Net Art Silva
CIS 571 Intro Artificial Intelligence Nguyen
EDUC 616 Phil Found Soc Sci Rosiek
J 610 Journalism Studies Lewis
PHIL 507 Sem Artificial Intelligence Alvarado
PPPM 510 Art in Society Blandy
PPPM 610 Visual Communications Brown
LAW 610 Trademark Law Priest
LAW 667 Copyrights Priest


Methods Courses

Course Number Course Title Professor
ARTD 510 Data Visualization Tan
EDLD 651 Intro Educ Data Sci Nese
EDLD 654 Mach Learn Edu Data Sc Nese
EDUC 611 Surv Educ Res Methods Irvin
EDUC 634 Qual Mth III: Post Inq Mazzei
EDUC 642 Mult Regress & Edu Research Zopluoglu
GEOG 590 Top GISci Web Mapping Merson
J 560 Top Insight w/Data Markowitz
J 560 Top Design Studio Asbury
LA 510 Env Data Visualization Lee
MUS 547 Digital Aud & Sound Des Stolet
PPPM 656 Quantitative Methods Jacobsen
PSY 512 Applied Data Analysis Pennefather
PSY 611 Data Analysis 1 Weston
SOC 613 Data Visualization Southworth


Electives Courses (note also that any Topics or Methods course counts as an elective)

Course Number Course Title Professor
ARTD 510 Interactive Video Ives
ARTD 563 Communication Design Salter
ARTD 571 3-D Computer Imaging Park
ARCH 523 Top Media Design Devel Williams
ARCH 610 Intro Arch Computing Speranza
CINE 510 Top Cinema & Censorship Alilunas
CINE 511/J 511 U.S. Film Industry Hanna
CINE 540 Top Contemp Glob Art Steinhart
J 512 Global Reality TV Sen
J 512 Top Consumer Culture Bybee
J 512 Comparative Media Law Youm
J 560 Top Advertising & Culture Elias
J 563 Top Data Journalism Maier
J 567 Top Digital Asia Nah
J 610 Media Hist: S & S Soderlund
J 612 Media Theory I Ofori-Parku
LA 508 Wrk Adv Digital Media Abelman
MUS 576 Digital Aud Wrk Tech 1 Bellona
MUS 645 Adv Electronic Compos Stolet