Affiliated Faculty

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Michael Allan, Associate Professor and David M. and Nancy L. Petrone Faculty Scholar, Comparative Literature

Michael Aronson, Associate Professor, English; Director, Cinema Studies

Mark Blaine, Professor of Practice, School of Journalism & Communication

Doug Blandy, Professor, Planning, Public Policy, and Management

Steven Brown, Professor, Comparative Literature & Director of Graduate Studies

Carl Bybee, Associate Professor, School of Journalism & Communication

Anita Chari, Associate Professor, Political Science

Christopher Chavez, Associate Professor, School of Journalism & Communication & Director of Doctoral Program

Bob Choquette, Senior Instructor II & Graduate Coordinator, Planning, Public Policy & Management

Keith Eggener, Marion D. Ross Distinguished Professor of Architectural History, History of Art and Architecture

Tara Fickle, Assistant Professor, English

Max Foxman, Assistant Professor, School of Journalism & Communication

Alisa Freedman, Professor, East Asian Languages and Literatures

Raymond Frey, Professor, Physics

Joanna Goode, Associate Professor, Education Studies

Richard Herskowitz, Curator of Media Arts, Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art

Craig Hickman, Professor, Art and Technology

Jerry Hooker, Associate Professor, Scenic Designer, Theatre Arts

Colin Ives, Associate Professor, Art & Art and Technology Program Director

Heidi Kaufman, Associate Professor, English & Director, Digital Humanities Minor

Kate Kelp-Stebbins, Assistant Professor, English

Colin Koopman, Associate Professor, Philosophy & Director, New Media and Culture Certificate Program

Stephanie LeMenager, Moore Endowed Professor, English

Julia Lesage, Professor Emerita, English; Co-founder and co-editor of Jump Cut: A Review of Contemporary Media

Seth Lewis, Associate Professor, Shirley Papé Chair in Emerging Media, School of Journalism and Communication

Ryan Light, Associate Professor, Sociology

Gabriela Martinez, Professor, School of Journalism and Communication

Kelli Matthews, Public Relations Senior Instructor I, School of Journalism & Communication

Daniel Miller, Associate Professor, School of Journalism & Communication

Quinn Miller, Associate Professor, English

Kate Mondloch, Professor and Department Head, History of Art and Architecture

Andrew Nelson, Associate Professor of Management, Lundquist College of Business; Academic Director, Lundquist Center for Entrepreneurship; Associate VP Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Office for Research and Innovation

Bryce Newell, Assistant Professor of Media Law and Policy, School of Journalism of Communication

Daisy-O’lice I. Williams, Associate Professor, Department of Architecture

Priscilla Ovalle, Associate Professor, English; Associate Director, Cinema Studies

Bob Parker, Teaching Faculty, Planning, Public Policy, & Management; Co-director, Institute for Policy Research and Engagement; Director, Community Planning Workshop

CJ Pascoe, Associate Professor, Sociology; David M. and Nancy L. Petrone Faculty Scholar; Director, Undergraduate Studies

Eric Priest, Associate Professor; Faculty Director, LL.M. Program, Law

David Rueter, Assistant Professor, Art and Technology

Daniel Rosenberg, Professor, History, Robert D. Clark Honors College

Jack Ryan, Associate Professor, Art

Michael Salter, Associate Professor, Art and Technology

Riki H Saltzman, Executive Director, Oregon Folklife Network, Academic Extension; Instructor, Folklore Program

Kathleen Scalise, Professor, College of Education

Bish Sen, Associate Professor, School of Journalism & Communication

Julia Simic, Associate Professor & Assistant Head of Digital Scholarship Services, Digital Production and Preservation

Sean Sharp, IT manager, College of Design

Kim Sheehan, Professor, School of Journalism & Communication & Advertising and Brand Responsibility Master’s Program Director

Rick Silva, Associate Professor, Art and Technology

Gretchen Soderlund, Associate Professor, School of Journalism & Communication

Philip Speranza, Associate Professor, Architecture

Carol A. Stabile, CAS Associate Dean for Strategic Initiatives; Professor, Women’s and Gender Studies

Daniel Steinhart, Assistant Professor, Cinema Studies

Lynn Stephen, Distinguished Professor of Arts and Sciences; Professor, Anthropology; Graduate Faculty in Ethnic Studies; Participating Faculty in Latin American Studies & Women’s and Gender Studies

Jeff Stolet, Professor, Music Technology, School of Music & Director, Future Music Oregon

Ying Tan, Associate Professor, Art and Technology

Kate Wagle, Professor, Art

Janet Wasko, Professor, Philip H. Knight Chair in Communication Research, School of Journalism & Communication

Michal Young, Associate Professor, Computer & Information Science