Courses offered 2018-19 (Archive)

This list of NMCC theories, methods, and electives courses offered AY 2018-19 is provided for student planning purposes. Note that listings are published for each term only once courses for that term have been finalized, but may still be subject to modifications at the discretion of individual.  In general, future term schedules are considered final at the end of the fifth week of classes during the prior term. Updated as of 11.28.18. See also UO Schedule of Classes.

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In AY 2018-19, the Common Seminar (J610) will be taught in Spring 2019 


Spring 2019 NMCC Course Offerings
Common Seminar
Course # Course Name Professor
J610 History & Theory of New Media Nah
Course # Course Name Professor
MGMT607 Sem Appl Econometrics Lanahan
MUS550 SensorMusik Hatakeyama
OBA510 Analyzing Big Data Zhu
OBA510 Predictive Analytics Pendem
OBA588 E-Business Yin
PSY607 SEM Data Science Club Srivastava
PSY607 SEM Data Science Chavez
PSY613 Data Analysis III Berkman
SOC510 Science and Society Light
SOC513 Social Research Meth Gullickson
AIM607 SEM Value Rich Media Stewart and McFall
Course # Course Name Professor
CIS527 Intro to Logic Ariola
CIS545 Modeling and Simulation Jiao
CIS607 Big Learning Dou
CIS607 SEM Edge Computing Jiao
CIS607 SEM Internet/IoT Sec Li
CIS630 Distributed Systems Rejaie
CIS633 Adv Network Security Li
COLT607 SEM Media Global South Gopal
EDLD610 Exp: Functnal Prog W/R Anderson
EDLD629 Hierarch Linear Mod II Stevens
EDLD650 Adv Sem Educ Res Meth Zvoch
EDUC646 Adv Research Design Zvoch
Eng570 Tech & Texts Capstone Kaufman
J510 Media Studies Res Meth Cote
J511 US Film Industry Hanna
J543 Advertising Media Plan Ofori-Parku
J560 Top Psychology of Tech Markowitz
J560 Top Insight w/Data Markwowitz
J563 Top Audio Story Radcliffe
J563 Top Data Journalism Maier
J575 Flux Production Milbourn
J596 Top Strat Comm Law Youm
Law610 Trademark Law Priest
MGMT510 Tech & Innovation Mgmt Heidl
Course # Course Name Professor
ARCH523 Media for Design and Devel Mladinov, Mark, and Ahn
ARCH592 Envir Control Sys II Elzeyadi
ARTD510 Interactive Spaces Park
ARTD510 Autonomous Imaging Rueter
ARTD510 Adv Digital Drawing Salter
ARTD563 Communication Design Tan
CIS510 Multi-agent Systems Nguyen
CIS520 Automata Theory Proskurowski
CIS522 Software Method I Hornof


Winter 2019 NMCC Course Offerings
Course # Title Professor
ArtD 510 Game Art Silva, R
ArtD 513 Emerging Technologies Ives, C
J 512 Studying Games Foxman,
J 512 Philosophy of Communication Bybee, C
J 648 Cultural Approaches to Communication Cote, A
Eng 650 Top Archive Theo/Cult *Course Counts if students do a DH project for their final project Kaufman
Law 610 Trademark Law Priest, E
Course # Title Professor
EDST 636 Advanced Qualitative Methods: New Materialism Rosiek, J
EDST 636 Methods: SociST Inquiry Schmitke, A
EDUC 614 Educational Statistics Van Ryzin, M
EDUC 630 Qualitative Methods 1: Interpretative Inquiry Smith, J
J 642 Quantitative Research Methods Abdenour, J
CIS 533 Comp & Network Security TBA
CIS 541 Introduction to Computer Graphics Childs, H
Arch 523 Media for Design and Development Given, J and Miadinov, J
Psy 612 Data Analysis II Mauro, R
LA 510 Env Data Visualization Lee, J
LA 515 Computers in Landscape Architecture Enright, C
LA 517 Computer Aided LA Design Jorgensen, M
MUS 547 Digital Audio and Sound Design Wang, C
MUS 548 Interactive Media Performance Wang, C
MUS 577 Digital Audio Workshop Technology II Bellona, J
Course # Title Professor
ArtD 515 Video Art: Experimental Film Macdonald, E
ArtD 571 3-D Computer Imaging Ching, I
J 512 Black Amer Med Chatman, D
J 560 Advert & Culture Elias, T
J 566 ADV Photojournalism Morrison, D
J 567 Digital Media in Asia Nah, S
J 575 Flux Production Milbourn, T
J 580 Strat Social Media Matthews, K
J 610 Feminist Media Theory Pompper, D
J 613 Media Theory II Wasko, J
WGS 510 Digital Humanities ARC/Media Stabile, C
Fall 2019 NMCC Course Offerings
Course # Title Professor
ARTD 510 Data VisualizationĘ Tan Y
CIS 571 Intro Artificial Intelligence Dou, D
ENG 695 Top Transnational Film Genres tbd
GEOG 633 Progress Geog Info Sci Gavin D
J512 Communication, Ethics and Democracy Bybee C
J 512 Consumer Culture, Ethics and the Environment Bybee C
LAW 667 Copyrights Priest E
RL 507 Digital Cultures Lollini M
Course # Title Professor
ARTD 510 Data Visualization Tan Y
EDUC 634 Qual Methods III: Post Inq. Mazzei L
EDUC 642 Multiple Regression in Educational Research Biancarosa, G
LING 593 Corpus Linguistics Kendall T
PPPM 656 Quantitative Methods Nystrom M
PSY 611 Data Analysis IĘ Moses L
LA 510 Data Visualization Lee J
LA 559 Top 3D Mapping w/Lidar Lee J
Course # Title Professor
AAD 521 Cultural Programming Blandy, D
ARTD 510 Data Visualization Tan Y
ARTD 510 Web Art Silva R
ARTD 510 Data Visualization Tan Y
ARTD 510 Interactive Video Ives, C
ARTD 510 Art of Surveillance Rueter D
ARTD 516 Programming for Artist Rueter D
ARTD 571 3-D Computer Animation / Imaging Ching I
EDST 522 Technology Education Goode J
GEOG 607Ę [Sem] Geography of Science & Technology tbd
MUS 547 Digital Audio & Sound Design tbd
MUS 570 Hist Electronic Music Hatakeyama A
MUS 576 Digital Audio Workstation Tech I Bellona J
MUS 645 Advanced Electronic Compostion tbd